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Wasatch Family Fitness—
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Wasatch Family Fitness has provided fitness and wellness services for families who live and work along the Wasatch Range in Utah for more than 20 years. We are the Utah franchise owners for Stretch-n-Grow International.

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Why Choose Us

Over 20 years of family fitness


Both Stretch-n-Grow of Utah and Wasatch Family Fitness have been in operation for more than 20 years in the Salt Lake City and Park City area. All Stretch-n-Grow of Utah and Wasatch Family Fitness staff who work with children undergo FBI and State of Utah criminal background checks. They are certified as Youth Fitness Coaches through Stretch-n-Grow International and have CPR Certification. Dance and Yoga instructors have both education and certifications in their areas of specialty. Dennis and Linda Kubly have extensive backgrounds in Nursing of Children and Environmental Programs, respectively.

Our Mission

We believe each person has very individual health and wellness needs. Through our services each person or family unit can best meet their fitness and wellness needs with the help of dedicated professionals who provide training, coaching, and counseling services.

Our Vision

Our passion is to ensure that children get an early start in establishing fitness and wellness habits as a foundation for lifelong healthy lifestyles. We are focused on improving fitness and wellness in families living along the Wasatch Range in northern Utah.

What We Do

Our Programs

Toddler Programs


Programs for Ages 18 months to 3 years.

Toddler Programs

Preschool Programs


Programs for ages 3-6 years.

Preschool Programs

School Age Programs

School Age

Programs for ages 6-12 years.

School Age Pgs

fitness camps


Sports Readiness and Specialty Programs SLC and Park City Sports Specialty

Fun, Age Appropriate Exercises

Programs for Preschool, Toddler, School Age, Teens and even Adults. Your whole family has fitness FUN.

FUNtastic Themed Curriculum Kids Love

Like Music Stars – Helping kids develop a love for music and build a base for future learning through the power of music.

Future Sports and School Readiness

All-Star Sports, skills and techniques for a FUN mix of sports like Basketball, Soccer, and more.

Focus on Emotional Intelligence

Yoga Stars help kids channel positive energy by creating a space to practice mindfulness, strength, and breathing techniques.

Fitness Stars Benefits

Where Fitness Meets Fun!

Through Fitness Stars, we know how to capture that high energy so common in preschoolers and turn it into an adventure. It is a fun, action – packed fitness class where kids learn strength, endurance, flexibility, balance and how healthy foods fuel their bodies.

From Our Blog

Latest News

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From Our Parents and Partners

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Dave Knose

SnG Toddler Programs

Our girls have participated in several Stretch-n-Grow programs as well as the SnG toddler program at school. They look forward to each class and have enjoyed making new friends and learning new activities. The teachers are patient, enthusiastic, and create a fun atmosphere. Even taking moments to encourage and invite those to join who are shy or not engaging. We are currently in a dance class in August 2020, which is being held outside. They are taking precautions for Covid-19 and everyone is cooperating. We will definitely be signing up for future classes without hesitation.

Kim Q.

Summer Camp

It was great! I liked the use of imagination, gardening and incorporation of props. [My son] loves props.
We have really enjoyed this class! [My son] has had so much fun digging for vegetables, racing to harvest, and stretching his way through the exercises. It’s so nice to have something for two year olds. It’s so hard to find that. Thank you!

St Paul Preschool logo

Rhonda Dossett, Executive Director


St. Paul’s Preschool has been a partner of Stretch N’ Grow of Utah for approximately 20 years. We found them when we were looking for a fun developmentally appropriate fitness program for our students. We have always been impressed with the knowledge, care, and enthusiasm of their coaches. We hope to continue partnering with Stretch N’ Grow and Wasatch Family Fitness for many years to come.

children icon

Katherine S.

Son in Summer Programs

My 4.5 year old son has had a wonderful summer taking part in weekly rookie soccer, basketball and softball classes. We also signed up for a week-long summer camp, which due to Covid-19 ended up requiring parental as well as child participation. Not sure which of us enjoyed it more! I’d definitely recommend Stretch N Grow programs and classes: they create a fun environment; there’s lots of confidence-boosting positive reinforcement for the kiddos; the coaches are energetic and caring; and it’s fantastic value for money!